MAGNIFICENT was inspired by the dream of a group of makeup artists and was established in 2020. During the MCO period, many makeup artists lost their jobs and income. The establishment of MAGNIFICENT was based on the core mission of helping makeup artists. It focused on building a professional makeup team and develop makeup products, so that makeup artists can advance their professional skills and knowledge, develop their potential & ignite their passionate for beauty & makeup and increase more income by serving and selling products which specially developed and tested through professional makeup artists to customers.

Eagle is the representative logo of MAGNIFICENT, because eagle symbolizes freedom, strength, bravery and victory. It just so happens that in this difficult and challenge period, we have to fly against the wind and overcome the challenge head-on, so that we can quickly rise to a higher level by the power of the wind and soar freely.

The brand name of MAGNIFICENT represents magnificence. Each product of MAGNIFICENT is based on the concept of “pursuing excellence”, with exquisite design, meticulous refinement, and high-end quality, so that everyone can enjoy luxurious and high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Live your life MAGNIFICENT !



MAGNIFICENT的品牌名字代表着华丽,MAGNIFICENT的每一件产品都本着 “追求卓越” 的理念,设计细腻、精心淬炼、品质高端,让每个人都能以合理的价格享有奢华且高品质的产品。

魅力飞炫,梦想实现 !